‘Just Communities. Building the Co-operative Commonwealth’


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappé. Author, sustainable food advocate.

Just Cooperate is a Commons Equity Co-operative, a new form of business structure designed to align enterprise with the challenges, and the opportunities, of our time.

The commons, put simply, is where the environment and civic society takes priority over the market and the state. Fundementally it is where people planet and place are prioritiesed over profit power and privilege and where the culture is one of stewardship, with future generations in mind.

Please do take five minutes to watch the following video for a better understanding.

Deep stabilising forms of co-operation.

Our conviction is that profit has a role to play, but that it should be the natural result of service within thriving neighbourhoods, generated by a predominant independent business sector that both benefits from and gives back to the locality upon which it depends. Such businesses sit comfortably within the commons, weaving competition within deep stabilising forms of co-operation.

Few would argue that we have not become dangerously over-dependent upon global corporations that generate wealth for themselves and their small number of shareholders by sucking it from communities in their single-minded and relentless pursuit of profit, to the exclusion of all other considerations.

The damage that they have inflicted is now in grave danger of overwhelming us and the planet if we do not radically re-evaluate what we consider to be truly important.

Our Plan of Action

Our intention is to add continuously to an ever-expanding range of initiatives that will promote only independent locally anchored businesses rooted in community by building a reciprocal feedback loop between the success of these
businesses, and their support for local projects and good causes, chosen by their customers

Our initial flagship service is our JUST SHOP LOCAL campaign

Every time you spend £10.00 or more in one of our participating businesses, that business will donate 50 pence to a project or good cause of your choosing.

Please priorities participating businesses where you see our JUST SHOP LOCAL sign,

Just Shop Local Round Logo

and help us to reinvigorate a vibrant independent business sector that generates ‘commonwealth’ and keeps money circulating locally, whilst intimately aligning the success of local businesses with the community that they serve, and upon which they rely.

At the end of every month, we will collate all the transaction information in order to determine the total amount due to each community project

These donations will then be made in £10.00 increments of a local ‘Just Money’ voucher

Just Shop Local Sample Money
Just Money Sample Reverse

Local Projects

Ideally, these vouchers will be used by local projects, with a local business, but if they really cannot source what they require locally, they can sell their vouchers to their supporters at face value in order to raise sterling

Either way, the donations find their way back into the local economy

Local trade

Please note, our intention as soon as possible is to launch a complementary currency that can then circulate repeatedly as a medium of exchange, further helping to keep money and trade local, rather than being siphoned off by global corporations answerable only to their shareholders

Just Communities

We invite you to familiarise yourself with participating businesses within your community, and the local projects in need of support. Then note your favourites you wish to support simply by shopping local. It’s early days for us. Please check back regularly.

Just Norwich

Just Cheltenham

Just Evesham

Just Gloucester

Just Malvern

Just Pershore

Just Stroud

Just Tewkesbury

Just Upton upon Severn

Just Weymouth and Portland

Just Winchcombe

Just Worcester

Just Where You Live?

The Vision: A Just Transition.

Our overarching aim is a just transition to a network of just communities that harness the full potential of neighbours to embrace our innate capacity to cooperate, to collaborate, to co-create and to share within thriving and tight knit localities that are sustainable, resilient, and equitable.

With or without us, bottom up networks driving decisions are emerging and challenging the traditional hierarchies and institutions of control.

There can be no commons without commoning, and it is commoning that provides a credible alternative vision to the one of growth and consumerism foisted upon us by global corporations, a complicit state, and central banking.

We believe that a grassroots response is our best chance to address the multiple challenges that we face, including climate crisis, resource wars, and increasingly obscene levels of wealth inequality.

Shop Local

Most of all we aim to provide opportunities for us all to play our part. We invite you to join with us, not simply by supporting Just SHOP LOCAL, but also by exploring all the great local projects in need of both funding and active involvement.

Live in harmony

Ultimately we are all connected, to each other, to our environment, and to our one shared beautiful fragile planet. At some point, hopefully before it is too late, we will learn to live in harmony with it, and with each other

Get Involved

Just Cooperate is a journey , not a destination, although we sincerely believe we are playing some part in going in a better direction. No one has all the answers and we are so much stronger together. We invite you, indeed strongly encourage you to consider your personal power and how it may be applied for mutual benefit. In the first place, let’s keep in touch. Pleases sign up for our newsletter, and start thinking about how we may all work together.

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