Vouchers and Just Shop

About our Vouchers and “Just Shop Local” scheme

Our Fund raising Voucher scheme is the fore-runner to a local complimentary currency, which we hope to introduce soon.

How the Voucher Scheme works with Just Shop Local

  • Join as a member free here (opens in new page). At registration choose a LOCAL good cause or project you care about
  • Then login and if you wish, review and change your selected good cause or project. If a cause you would like to support is not listed please let us know and we will aim to add it.
  • Now just shop locally at participating businesses (directory here)…. remember to say “JUST SHOP” when making a purchase. You can of course shout “JUST SHOP” wherever and whenever you like day or night, but unless you’re near a participating business nobody is likely to take any notice!

In response to your “JUST SHOP” pronunciation, the business owner should ask you for the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Project or good cause you support
  • and as a security check your Member ID (see FAQ what’s my USER ID)

Every time you spend £10 or more in any single transaction, 0.50 pence will be allocated to your chosen local cause, at no extra cost to you. Your whole donation is passed to the cause of your choice with ZERO deductions. So you could be raising money for free! A kind of, donate for free while you shop, or buy local give local idea.

We pay the donation to your chosen cause using our Just Co-op vouchers. In this way the money is still kept local as they will spend it in participating businesses. If your Cause/Project is unable to spend locally, full payment in £sterling will be donated.

The Scheme therefore helps local businesses, connects and strengthens communities and funds local good causes, keeping money moving locally

Vouchers as Gifts

Fund raising Vouchers can be purchased and are used by Just Co-op members. They are only available in just one or more whole £10 units. These £10 vouchers can also only be spent in local participating businesses, but this has the benefit of keeping trade local. Think of them in this instance as Gift Vouchers that can only be spent locally.

Vouchers introduced via Projects and Good Causes

Our Vouchers are also donated to local projects and good causes as a result of members shopping in local businesses, competitions, giveaways and other ideas.

Further Reading
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Complementary Currency

£10 Gloucester Just Coop Voucher

Benefits of Just Shop Local for Shoppers:

  • It’s FREE for shoppers and the causes they support
  • Generate income for a local good cause that you care about
  • Be seen as an advocate of locality, independence and caring for the environment
  • Participating businesses may give you a special discount as a recognised local shopper and just.coop member
  • By spending locally you help to increase local supply chains, which in turn decreases carbon footprints
  • It helps local independent shops, trades and businesses to compete against larger National chains and Superstores, helping to ensure a vibrant, healthy, successful high streets and communities
  • You help your local economy. Any Vouchers you generate or spend means the money stays locally invested

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Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want

 Anna Lappe, sustainable food advocate.