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Just Cooperate


The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have

Leonard Nimoy – actor, director, photographer, author, singer, songwriter and Spock


The vision: A just transition

Welcome to We are part of and one of the first of an intended growing number of locally based interconnected and mutually supportive networks of sustainable and resilient just community hubs.

As part of the family, the Tewkesbury community hub is built upon a spirit of cooperation and collaborative responsibility, for one another and for our environment. We are set-up and run as a worker cooperative and for all the positive values that implies. Our overall intention with your help, is to make where you live a more community supporting and locally focused place less reliant on Big Government, Banks and Multi-nationals.

The mission: Just is where we live

We believe we can make a positive start now, by re-establishing the pivotal role of local enterprise as the bedrock of a tightly- knit thriving neighbourhood, designed to meet LOCAL needs, whilst rolling back the relentless march of corporate globalisation and greed.

Join FREE today and immediately make a difference. Get involved in our practical idea of “Just Shop Local” a scheme that helps keep money working locally and supports causes you care about, at no additional cost to you. The scheme also paves the way for the future introduction of our complementary currency and other local plans. See an overview of “Just Shop Local” below and for more details click here

Tewkesbury Businesses

Find local independent businesses that support your community

Spend money with these local shops, traders and firms. They will donate to your chosen cause at no extra cost to you

Helen's Allsorts
13 Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 5PA
Visability Cleaners
2 Battle Road Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England GL20 5TZ
Your Business
gloucester tewkesbury stroud, Gloucestershire, England ANY 000
Springboard Graphics
Theocsbury House, 18-20 Barton Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England GL20 5PP

Tewkesbury BUSINESS? Get listed here

>> all Tewkesbury BUSINESSES here

Tewkesbury Projects and Good Causes

Find local causes you care about

These local projects need your help! Join us for free and “Just Shop” locally to raise funds for your chosen cause, at no extra cost to you!

>> all Tewkesbury PROJECTS here

One of our Community ideas!

Just Shop Local

  • Join free as a member, then browse the list of local projects

  • Choose the one you would most like to support and link your membership to it

  • Shop with local participating businesses. Mention JUST SHOP LOCAL whenever you spend £10 or more, then 50p will be donated to the project you support! Look out for the Just Shop window sticker in Tewkesbury!

    more Just Shop Local details here

Just Shop Window Sticker

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New Business

We have great pleasure in welcoming

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The old economy of greed and domination is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose.

David Korten. Author and prominent critic of corporate globalisation

Tewkesbury Local Office

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