Benefits of Just Cooperate Free Membership

Just Cooperate is free to join. The hope is that everyone will. Ours is a portal into your community. You may already be actively involved locally, but sadly, in the main, we do tend to lead isolated lives and it’s not always obvious how or where to meet with our neighbours, make new friends, and contribute positively to our community.

Please go to the join button and sign up today. Then go to your locality and investigate all the projects and good causes that are looking for support, both financially and of volunteer time. Please then link your membership to the one you would most like to support. This can only be one project at any one time, but you can change your mind if you wish.

In the first place, your support can simply be by reconsidering your shopping habits. Please look out for participating business of ‘JUST SHOP LOCAL’ and frequent those businesses wherever possible. Then when you mention JUST SHOP LOCAL when spending £10.00 or more in any of these businesses, 50 pence will be donated to the project you have linked your membership to.

Then, why not reach out via our website and volunteer your time also. It’s not just a question of how many opportunities there are to contribute. New involvement creates a virtuous feedback loop that spirals upwards until we have the vibrant, mutually supportive communities we all wish to live in.

We warmly invite you to get involved. Our aim is to make that as much fun and as rewarding as possible for every single member of any community where Just Cooperate is active. If that’s not where you live, please reach out so we may discuss providing the tools of Just Cooperate in your community.

How it works

  • Choose the one you would most like to support and link it your membership to it

  • Shop with local independent participating businesses and mention JUST SHOP LOCAL whenever you spend £10 or more, 50p will then be donated to the project you support!

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