Frequently Asked Questions


What’s my user ID?

To access your user ID you need to log in and then go to your profile, and then click the grey cog icon and then ‘Edit Profile’.

Your user ID can be seen in the browser link, highlighted below.


How do I change the project I fund?

Log in and then go to your profile, and then click the grey cog icon and then ‘Edit Profile’.

Projects are listed in a drop down menu, so you simply need to select the project you want to fund and then click the big ‘Update Profile’ button. Please note that the system can take up to 24hrs to fully update.

I live in a certain area. Can I shop and choose a project in another area?

No. Just.coop is very much focused on all things local. It’s about helping your local community. So if you live in say, Gloucester, you would want to help where you live, your local neighbourhood, and consequently help and get involved in all things Gloucester.


What is the best way to contact you?

See here!

Where can I find more about what you do?

The “About” tab at the top of any webpage is a good place to start. Then see all the pages in the drop down menu under “About”

What is your local currency and when is it being introduced?

See here for details about our local currency. We have no firm date for introduction at the moment. Watch this space… we need to test its reception and viability through the voucher scheme which we currently operate.

Who funds you? How do you make money?

Just.coop is a Workers Co-operative and all profits after expenses are given back to the local community. Indeed much of our work is on a volunteer basis. We attempt to get funding from community grants and local and central government sources, but most of our income is derived from the products and services we offer.

How much is membership?

It is FREE to join as an individual member. Businesses pay a monthly fee (see terms here) to participate in our sales and marketing and fundraising ideas

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