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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –

Margaret Mead, anthropologist, recipient of the Planetary Citizen of the Year Award 1978

Just Cooperate is intended to be replicable wherever we can find someone with the right communication skills, but more importantly who shares our values.

The opportunity exists to make a sustaining living, but frankly money should not be the primary motivator. To work for Just Cooperate is to be purpose driven.

If you are interested where you live, or you know someone somewhere who you think meets our criteria and may be interested, then we would love to talk.

If so, please don’t expect a boss. Just Cooperate is a cooperative with a highly democratic horizontal structure. You will be valued for your contribution within a responsive environment of mutual respect and appreciation.

Each ’Just Community’ is intended to be run with a large degree of autonomy. As such we are looking for self-starters, highly motivated and passionate about contributing to building a fairer more compassionate society whilst helping to re-establish the pivotal role of independent businesses.

Our intention is for each locality to fit within a network of interdependent supportive communities. We will share and learn from each other, always firmly focused upon mutual benefit. How can we help each other to move forward, both within our own locality, but also collectively?

The first opportunity exists to establish Just Shop Local, meaning liasing with local project coordinators, as well as initiating new projects, and with local independent businesses,

It is envisaged however, that Just Cooperate will diversify beyond this core service in order to build a network of Commons Equity Cooperatives. If you have a business, or a business idea that you think may fit into our wider ambitions, that is also potentially reason to talk.

In this way we can establish a growing infrastructure of re-imagined local businesses, employing local owner/operators, rooted firmly as contributing to ensuring that local needs can be met locally.

It is our conviction that there is much cause for optimism, There is a growing awareness that the global corporatisation of recent decades is starting to unravel in terms of its appeal, driven in no small part by the realisation that it has wrought substantial damage upon communities. The tide is turning as part of a mass awakening. If you believe this to be true, and are looking for a career with purpose as part of this movement, please do get in touch for a get to know each other preliminary chat.

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