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Get found in the Directory of Community-supporting businesses!

Only local independent traders, shops and organisations considered.

Residents will easily find you as a local community supporting business and have another great reason to spend with you.

Corporate social responsibility is being considered more frequently by shoppers in the current climate. Consumers almost expect businesses to be socially responsible and be conscious of any kind of impact they may be having in society, whether that’s to the local economy and community or the wider environment.

“Small local independent traders can make a contribution to their neighbourhood …by acting together through the hub, change can be significant and make a positive difference”. 

By listing with our “Just Shop Local” scheme you can demonstrate to local residents and potential customers, that you are making a concerted effort to give something back. By doing so actively displays a practical financial support for local good causes/projects and satisfies your customers wish to deal with firms that care about wider sustainability and resilience and helping the local community

  • Positive Image

    promotes your business as a supporter of local good causes and community well-being

  • New and Loyal Customers

    The Just Shop Local scheme encourages buyers to purchase from you and develops loyalty through donating whilst shopping

  • Local Online

    gives a great local web presence associated with the the brand of cooperative and just neighbourhoods

  • Showcase and Repeat

    showcases your products or services and makes it second nature for local people to shop and donate with you again and again

  • Innovation and Publicity

    Be part of other community supporting ideas that will raise your public profile and create a further positive impression

How to profit from your marketing!

Our primary aim is to reinvigorate a thriving independent business sector by providing a unique marketing proposition that keeps money circulating locally, whilst intimately aligning it with equally vibrant local projects and good causes.

Our purpose is to pro-actively pursue multiple channels to incentivise communities to support both. This will be an ongoing process of expansion and refinement.

Our fee structure is intentionally designed to be very low risk as it is almost entirely results orientated.

  1. There is no signup fee. Nor is there a contract. We want you to stay a participating member for the sole reason that our Just Shop Local campaign is working for you.
  2. We do have a £10.00 per month administration fee.
  3. For this, we provide our high-quality point of sale promotional material, our community engagement, and a dedicated page on this website.
  4. This £10.00 also covers your first 20 Just Shop Local transactions each month.
  5. We will only invoice you as per the agreed charging fee of £1.00 for every Just Shop Local transaction beyond the first twenty, on purchases of £10.00 & over.
  6. A second £10.00 monthly fee will cover your first twenty Just Shop Local 50 pence donations to local projects in any calendar month.
  7. If we do not generate more than twenty transactions in any one calendar month, any remaining amount of your second £10.00 will be carried over into the following month – in line with our payment by results commitment.
  8. Project donations will be collated and paid in the form of our Just Shop Local voucher, intended for exclusive use in participating businesses only.
  9. We will develop avenues to fund additional vouchers. We aim to grow the opportunity for your business to attract more vouchers than it funds, creating the unique situation to potentially profit directly from your marketing spend.
  10. We will help you to develop special offers and promotions, either on-going, seasonal or of limited time duration, in order to incentivise voucher recipients, further deepening the relationship between your business, and the community you serve.
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There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

– Margaret J. Wheatley, speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, leader