About Just Coop

Sharing a vision for a new economy

Just Cooperate is so much more than simply our company name. It is a request, or perhaps it’s an invitation. Ultimately it’s a call to action.

Our ambition is to provide hubs like this website in local areas, around which communities can come together in order to address critical challenges of our time.

For too long we have ignored the consequences of assuming that infinite growth on a finite planet is somehow possible.

The assumption has brought us to a place dominated by global corporations feeding a voracious consumer culture that ignores or denies it’s ecological and social consequences and is now threatening all life upon the planet.

Driven by fossil fuel and banking industries that seem blind to all but the pursuit of profit, we have been seduced and coerced into accepting an economic system that relies upon exploitation and fear and that pits all of us in competition against each other instead of harnessing our innate capacity for cooperation.

It is Just Cooperate’s intention to unleash this co-operative capacity, by providing tools for collaboration and co-creation at the local level. Indeed it is our conviction that we must as a matter of great urgency reverse the current trend by embarking upon a period of massive re-localisation in order to build resilient and sustainable communities that put people and planet before profit.

It is our belief that a just transition to a new economy is possible, and that we can all help to build it. Through our hubs communities can connect, share ideas, dreams, skills and enthusiasm and help make their area a better place to live. Our ideas are all locally focused and demonstrate real support for where you live and investment in your local community.

See where we are starting-up presently. Then show your support by becoming a free member or maybe contact us with a view to volunteering. Perhaps you are interested in administrating and heading-up an idea like this in your area; we’ll give you this website and marketing tools to get you going.

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The old economy of greed and domination is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose.

David Korten. Author and prominent critic of corporate globalisation